Gear Shocks


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: about 10 days

Quickly, easily and uncomplicatedly secure equipment to the backpack.



If equipment must be attached to the outside of the backpack, then it quickly becomes provisional. With the Gear Shocks, the equipment can be quickly and neatly attached / secured to the backpack. Due to the simple design, the Gear Shocks are simply looped in and with the cord stopper (ITW Nexus) the equipment is fixed. In the 2M Cord End is the knot of the Shockcord, thus it is prevented that the loop can loosen. A small simple helper, which provides for more order at the backpack.

Scope of delivery 2 pieces

Length: 22cm

The Shock Cord is manufactured according to MIL-C-5651D, minimum breaking load is 13.6 kg

Made in Germany