GITD (Glow in the dark) Marker


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GITD (Glow in the dark) marker made of high-quality CyFlect® Honeycomb foil.

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A new and useful addition to personal equipment. Whether in the search for people, the lost backpack at night, as a marker for special equipment or as a helper to keep in the dark the connection to the person in front. Then the GITD marker is just right.
By processing high-quality CyFlect® Honeycomb film, we have an extreme durability and luminosity. The Honeycomb is unique with its honeycomb structure and is florescent and phosphorescent.
Diameter GITD Marker: 25mm
The GITD Marker is available with a 5mm eyelet or without. Due to the eyelet, there are many more mounting options. Be it on the screws of the Kydex sheath or looped through paracord. On the back is Velcro hook to be able to mount it on all patch surfaces.

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