HY Belt “Multicam Black Edition”


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Our rugged everyday companion, whether for duty or leisure in the “Multicam Black Edition”.

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Now available in the Multicam Black version!

When it gets rough and tough, our HY Belt is the right companion. Whether in everyday life or on duty, the HY Belt does its job reliably. Who is tired of the annoying unthreading of a “normal” Cobra belt, which is served with our HY Belt exactly right. By using a female part in 38mm and a male part in 25mm, the belt is adjusted once and can be threaded through all belt loops on the pants by the narrower 25mm buckle. On the inside MC Black fleece is sewn throughout, thus pockets can be fixed to the belt. Practically, the HY Belt can be used as a lower belt. This must be turned over for this purpose only

The HY Belt consists of 40mm polyamide webbing which was sewn double-layered. The HY Belt is closed with a Cobra Buckle from AustriAlpin, which is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and has a breaking load of 9kn/18kn. The excess length of the webbing is attached by Velcro. Our belt is manufactured in our factory in Krefeld.

Our standard sizes:
Size 1 80cm – 90cm
Size 2 85cm – 95cm
Size 3 90cm – 100cm
Size 4 95cm – 105cm
Size 5 100cm – 110cm
Size 6 105cm – 115cm
Size 7 110cm – 120cm

Important Notice.

Please determine the correct size before ordering the belt. Please proceed as follows:

To measure, please remove your belt from your pants.
Take a tape measure and loop it through the belt loops
Now read the waist size from the tape measure

From the now determined waist measurement, find a belt from the size chart. Optimal is a belt where your waist measurement maps the middle.

If you have any questions, please call us at +49 (0) 172 201 68 61 or send us an email to: info@blackliongear.de.

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